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Welcome to Lahega!

Many things have happened since the founding of Lahega 55 years ago, within Lahega as well as in society. Around the world there are increasing concerns about issues such as global warming and terrifying weather phenomena. Today,  the environment and hygiene plays an increasingly important role in society, and so does Lahega. For many years we have worked towards reducing environmentally hazardous components in our products, in an attempt to reduce the impacts our products and production processes may have on the global environment. We are certain that our customers appreciate our commitment to the environment and climate change. 

Our customers are mainly professional practitioners within the vehicle- and metal industry and medical services, but we also have non-professionals using our products. The products and services we deliver are often critical for our customers. Only by offering the highest quality can we be successful. So far we have done well in that respect. Our successful concept is a mixture of equal parts enthusiastic co-workers, a wide product range, conceptual thinking, competence at all levels, quality and seriosity in all we do, as well as logistic thinking. The recipe, founded back in 1958, is continuously being developed.