Business Areas


Within the Vehicle business area, we develop, manufacture and market products, accessories and services for professional car care and professional car washing facilities. The products are marketed under the brand names; Prorange and WashEye

With Prorange we offer a complete range for reconditioning of all surfaces of the car as well as training courses. With WashEye we offer highly effective products for both car- and truck wash. 

We also include Autorange into the Vehicle business area, which is our consumer range of high quality car care products.


Our brand for industrial products is named Ratema. With the Ratema brand, we offer a complete range of industrial chemicals like lubricants, oils, degreasers, solvents, anti-corrosives, cutting fluids, release agents, soaps etc. Since the start, the focal point has been synthetic products and innovation.

Ratema's synthetic lubricants are one of a kind, and the brand symbolises high-quality products with minimal environmental impact.  


Our Hygiene business area comprises cleaning, disinfectant and skin care products for the food industry as well as medical services and public sector. We offer a total concept that covers hygiene and product training of personnel, the development of hygiene plans as well as a return system for packaging. Based on our solid expertise in skin care, we developed the brand LIV. The brand also includes cleaning products for hair and body as well as disinfectant for surfaces.

Private Label

With increased market demands for private label we have turned subcontract manufacturing into its own business area. We primarily develop and produce products for car care, food industry and body care.  We are always open for other product segments. 

If you are interested in our Private Label services, or any other brand mentioned above, please visit Contact Us for more information on whom to contact.