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From sales company to modern industry

Lahega AB was founded in 1958 by LArsen, HEgelund and GAndry in premises at Sjögatan in Helsingborg. Up until 1963 the business was focused on selling car care products. 

After five years of cooperation Hegelund bought out the two Danish partners.

1982 Lahega AB was overtaken by Nordtend AB, to increase production capacity. Three years later Nordtend wanted to leave Helsingborg. After contacting a business consultant Lahega AB found someone interested in continuing Lahega AB's business - Jan Lindgren, who then ran Anaco Sweden AB.

With Anaco, the product assortment increased and the company expanded heavily. The heavy expansion meant building an advanced factory in 1988, of 6 500 m2. In connection with this the company name was changed to Lahega Kemi AB.

In 2005 Jan Lindgren's son Torbjörn took over company, and is at present the Managing Director and principal owner. In 2012 the company premises were expanded yet again, to a total area of 13 500m2. The factory today is one of Europe's most modern chemical-technical factories with a production permit of 30 million liters per annum.  

Lahega Kemi AB has widespread knowledge within a wide range of areas such as hygiene, industry and car care. During 2011/2012 the company had a turnover of 235 million SEK.